The truths in this book will put a nuclear bomb under any unbelief in your life and show you how easy it is to partner with God in your workplace. - Dave Harvey

Founder of Increase Productions, Co-Director of Bethel Leaders Network

Are you ready to encounter God in your workplace? Your creator is not limited to the four walls of a church, but is real and tangible in everyday life. This book goes beyond tools and principles to demonstrate this truth in intriguing details with a proven personal journey.

Discover greater intimacy with God as you learn how to hear Him and elevate the quality of your work and overall life. The Author's story, among others shared in this book, is a clear indication that God loves speaking to us 24/7. He intimately cares about our busy everyday life just as much as He cared about the heroes in the Bible.



I would recommend, How to Hear God at Work to those that are looking for a greater revelation of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives and those that desire to know more about how to hear the Holy Spirit. - Gary Keesee

CEO of Forward Financial Group, Pastor Faith Life Now

If Gods voice has felt buried under the barrage of busyness or nullified from the noise of fear and uncertainty then this book is a must read. - ROSS ABRAHAM

Chairman International Network of Churches

How to Hear God at Work is a great book to learn how to hear from God for yourself in the little things, the big things and everything in between.- SUZETTE TORTI

Pastor of Open Heaven Ministries Int., Director of Distinction International, International Marketplace Intercessor